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Download Air Shou Screen Recorder  For iOS(iPhone/iPad) iOS 11.1, iOS 11/10+ without jailbreak. Air Shou App | Record Your iDevice’s Screen : We often come across the need for recording our iPhone/iPad’s screen and we end up in recording the screen by using another phone.

But what is the result after that? Entire video is unclear and we don’t get a quality output. So what is the solution? Well! The answer is a Screen Recording App. Now the readers might get confused as there are lots of screen recording apps available but out of all them Air Shou Screen Recording App’s name comes first due to its features.

This guide will tell the readers how to download and install Air Shou Screen Recorder for 11, 11.1, iOS 10+ (iPhone/iPad) Without jail break. AppChina is one more apps store to get premium apps. Get this AppChina on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak.

Air Shou Screen Recorder for iOS 11/10+ iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Before getting into the download and installation procedure below mentioned are some of the exclusive features of the screen recording app.

As said there are many screen recording apps available but Air Shou as it is available without jailbreak and with good performance reviews takes the lead. Developed by the same creators of, it is a redesigned version that works on iOS 9+ and takes advantage of its latest features.

It uses less processing power but at the same time it renders higher quality recordings of your more intensive games and apps. We can record some of our favorite games with this lightweight, new, powerful app.

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Features Air Shou Screen Recording App on iOS 11.1, 11/10/9+ (iPhone/iPad)

  • iOS 9+ Ready.
  • Light processor usage, but powerful recording.
  • High resolution screen recording up to 1080P @60FPS.
  • Unique and high quality stereo internal system sound recording.
  • No need of getting an invitation code; just login using Google+, Facebook or Twitter Account.

Not delaying further following are the steps to get the Air Shou App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) on iOS 11.1, iOS 11, iOS 10.3.3, 10.3.2, iOS 10.3, 10.2/10+ without jail break.

Install Air Shou Screen Recorder for iOS 11/10+ iPhone/iPad

  • First of all from the browser we need to go the website AirShou iOS.

Air Shou Screen Recorder App For iOS 10/9+ (iPhone/iPad)

  • Click on the icon of Air Shou and thereafter we will get a screen regarding description of the app and below will be the install button. Click on install.
  • Thereafter a pop up window will open telling us that Air Shou will be installed on our device. Click on install again.
  • In a few minutes the app will be installed. We need to open the app by clicking on icon present in the home screen. If the untrusted app warning comes then go to Settings -> Profile and trust the profile of the app.
  • Boom ! It’s done. Start recording your screen now.

Latest Air Shou App on iOS 11

So what are you waiting for? Get the Air Shou Screen Recording App for iOS 11.1/11/10+ Without JailBreak and enjoy.

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If you have any queries on this Air Shou Screen Recorder on iOS 11,  iOS 11.1, 10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3, 10.2, 10.1/10+ iPhone/iPad article then feel free to shoot your doubts in comments. Even we are very happy for that.


  1. Is this real? Lol

  2. Doesnt work on mine.

    • Yeah, I had the same problem. Actually, you can use Quicktime to record iPhone screen now, free and easy.
      1. Plug in iPhone to computer, launch QuickTime and select menu File->New Movie Recording.
      2. On the right of the red circle record button on the video preview screen is a reversed ^ icon. Click on it for a drop down menu allowing you to choose the iPhone as video source. That’s all.
      To get better quality video like 4K or HD video, I’d recommend Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder.

  3. It was working perfectly until I updated to iOS 10! Super sad!

  4. Damn not working on 10.1.1 it wont install

  5. It won’t install for me? It just says that it can’t instal after the app icon finishes on my page and then I get the option to cancel or retry but no matter what I do it won’t download !
    Anyone know how to help ??

  6. ꧁꙰ꪱꪰ ᥲꪔ ꪒꪱꪲꪫԞ꧂ʳᵉᵏᵗ says

    Not work for iOS 10+
    Get it? :3

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