AutoMagisk Pokemon Go to Bypass Rooting & Automatic Toggle Root On/Off

AutoMagisk allows root users to play Pokémon GO or use Android Pay without constantly toggling root on and off: Hey guys we are here up again with a surprising article for Pokemon go players in android. Since the latest Pokemon Go 0.37 update has released, the game completely got disabled in the devices which have root access or the device which runs on custom/modified ROMS.

But, in this article we are going to brief you up on “How to play Pokemon GO without toggling root on and off constantly”. The celebrated app developer Kieron Quinn has created an amazing application called AutoMagisk which will disable Magisk Manager’s root access when you launch some applications and will re-enable the root access when you close the app.

To do this thing, you should pre-install SuperUser and Magisk on your device. Play your favorite game in PC: Play Pokemon Go For PC (Windows 10/7 or Windows 8.1/8/XP)/MAC Laptop. The User-Interface of this application is simply appreciable.

AutoMagisk Pokemon Go Bypass Rooting | Automatically Toggle Off/On

Just download and install the application from the link which we have mentioned in the bottom part of this article. Once you have launched the application, enable the accessibility and just check on the prompts to obtain the root access. In Last article we discussed the Way to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/GPS Not found problem.

From next step, you will be able to choose the applications that you want to disable or not. Pokemon GO and Android Play are pre-checked in the application and you dont want to do it again.


Automagisk Bypass Rooting/Automatic Toggle Off/On & Pokemon Go

Now once you have completed the previous steps, just launch Pokemon GO and you will get a pop up like “Root has been Disabled“. It means that, now at the moment till you close the application your phone will acts like an Un rooted device. So easy and Simple to mug up right?

Play Pokemon GO in rooted android devices

AutoMagisk will disable the root access while opening Pokemon GO

Thats it mates, as AutoMagisk Apk App is against the google policies, its ain’t available in Play store. Here is the link to download AutoMagisk apk for your android device.

Download AutoMagisk to Automatically Toggle Root Off and On & Bypass Rooting

AutoMagisk file is given below get it and bypass rooting of your device. Pokemon Go for android updated to 0.37.1 and 0.37.2 from last version 0.37.0 so we must need this Automagisk Apk for rooted android users.

AutoMagisk Apk (Google Drive)

Thats it mates, hope this article on “AutoMagisk allows root users to play Pokémon GO or use Android Pay without constantly toggling root on and off” helped you out and if you have any queries, just ping us through the comments.

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