How to Bypass iCloud Activation on iOS 11+(iPhone/iPad) Update

Best ways to bypass iCloud activation lock on iOS 11: iOS 11 is still in the making stage. However Beta 1 and Beta 2 version for it are out and there are some really serious security flaws in it which lets you access certain features of the device even though the device is in a iCloud locked state. However this certainly shouldn’t happen as it is against Apple’s layer of security that prevents an unauthorized person to access the device so that if a device is stolen it couldn’t be sold to 3rd parties. So no one can actually do anything with the device without having the correct account credentials.


Remove iCloud Activation Lock

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In iOS 11 Beta 1 and Beta 2 certain functions of the device can be accessed without having to provide the account credentials. This post is going to tell you the same so read ahead and know how you can access some particular functions for which credentials are necessary without having to provide them by Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad).

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 11+(iPhone/iPad) | iOS 11 iCloud Activation Lock Bypass

iOS 11 which is due to release soon comes with a variety of new features like revamped Control Center, plenty of Siri improvements including realistic voice integration, new image filters, redesigned App Store, new storage optimization feature, and a lot more. Read ahead to know how to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad) and access some of the functions for which actually credentials are necessary.

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  • While activating the iDevice with iOS 11 from Wi Fi settings change the DNS server to or you can give any other IP address.
  • Now once you’ve reached the last step of activation click on Activation Help so that your device reboots via the ritual website. Now you’ll see that you can watch movies, play games, browse the web and many other things.
  • Also you can completely remove the iCloud Activation by going through the below mentioned steps.
  • You’re required to go to  “Applications” choice and select “Crash Test 1” to reprise your things.
  • Now go to WiFi settings and select “I” and choose “Manual” option over the zone saying “HTTP proxy.”
  • Now list 30 emoji icons (distinct) to “Server” and over “Port” zone type “8888”.
  • Then go back and click on Next and do slide to unlock. Thereafter choose languages. Click continuously instead of just a simple click.
  • Home screen will show up with three options Face Time, Newsstand, Phone.
  • Now hold the Home and Power button each time you start an application to restart iPhone so that application can be accessed.
  • In Face Time mail of the last owner must be there. You can contact and inquire whether he can help you to put the phone off iCloud.
  • In case if mail is not there you can always go to the Phone app to look for any contacts who can help you in facilitating iCloud removal.


    iOS 11 iCloud Bypass Tool

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However if the above steps fail to unlock the device then you can take help from the following companies in unlocking your iDevice:

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 11+ iPhone/iPad | iCloud Removal and Unlock

  • can unlock almost every model of iPhone within 1-2 days and their customer service is also good as most of your queries are answered within 60 minutes.
  • Also you can use the services of Official iPhone Unlock  by going to the following link :[]. They unlock your iPhone within 2-5 days. Payment is $50 with $16 in the beginning and $34 upon completion of work. Wide variety of payment methods including credit or debit cards are available.

So folks these were the various procedures which can help you to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 11 (iPhone/iPad).

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