Delta Emulator for iOS: Delta Emulator iOS 10.3, 10.2.2, 10.2.1, 10.2, 10.1.1/10.1/10+ iPhone/iPad: There is an excellent proverb, “World is round”. Today, even in 21st Century, this adage stands out right. You might be thinking how it is? Well, let me explain you with an example related to technology and games. We all loved to play Mario, Temple Run, etc. kind of games decades ago. After the world had revolutionized and computer games became popular, then came mobiles and playing games in mobile caught everyone’s attention.

Who might have thought we will love playing those old Mario game on our mobile? After Nintendo had launched the game of mobile phones, it became one of the most downloaded games on iOS, unlike Nintendo’s Pokémon that wasn’t available for iOS users. Now every iOS users are waiting for Mario 2D to be released soon for iPhone’s.

Nintendo has cleared that at this time it has no intention to launch any NES or SNES games for iOS. Due to reasons like this, iPhone user’s like to root or jailbreak their phones. But till the time apps like Delta Emulator comes to Apple AppStore, there is no need to do it. An emulator called GBA4iOS was released several years ago for iPhone users for downloading games that were not available for iPhone users without jailbreaking. In 2014, Apple blocked all such possible ways to get this application, but recently a similar app from developers is back named as Delta Emulator. Developer Riley Testut has cleared his statement by saying that with Delta Emulator one can download games from Game Boy, Nintendo, etc. with his primary focus on Nintendo.

Delta Emulator for iOS(iPhone/iPad) | Delta App

The beta version of this app came in 2016, and the app is now available on the net. This emulator will work successfully on all Apple devices except Apple TV. Delta Emulator supports iPhone’s ranging from iPhone 4s to iPhone 7 Plus, iPad and iPod.

There are many methods to download this app, and here I am going to explain you three of the simplest ways to get it on your iPhone. I guarantee you that by far all these methods work and you surely will be able to download Delta Emulator without any barriers if you follow them correctly.

Delta Emulator iOS 10.3, 10.2, 10.1.1/10.1 or iOS 10.4/10+ : Without PC or.IPA file

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone.
  2. Now copy and paste the link provided below:
  1. A site opens up similar to the way it appears on Android phones when you try to download anything.
  2. The app name would be TuTu Helper.
  3. A green button will be present next to this with Download embossed over it. Another Download option will be present at the bottom of the page.
  4. Hit this Download option that is at the bottom and then a notification panel opens up with a message tutu app would like to install Delta.
  5. Click Install button. Do not hesitate; the site is safe to download.
  6. In case downloading gets interrupted by iPhone.
  7. Don’ worry, Go to settings.
  8. Open Profiles and Device Management.
  9. Now go to Profiles.
  10. Search Delta over there.
  11. Click trust option and again click the same download option on the net page.
  12. The emulator starts downloading and won’t take longer than 5 minutes.

With .IPA File : Delta Emulator iOS 10.3/10.2.2/10.2.1 or iOS 10.2/10+ iPhone/iPad

n case you fail to follow methods in 1st procedure and want to try another method with the help of your MacBook or laptop. Below are the instructions for it.

  1. Download Delta emulator by clicking over here and save it on your PC:
  2. Make sure you have last updated version of your iTunes.
  3. Now once the file of 7.7mb gets to save, copy the link and paste in your browser(
  4. With this link, you will have to install Cydia Impactor.
  5. Now once you downloaded Cydia Impactor, drag the earlier saved Emulator .ipa file Impactor.
  6. The Cydia Impactor will finish all the remaining process.

ROMs for Delta Emulator: Delta Emulator iOS(iPhone/iPad) 2017 Load ROM’s

Now to download games from this emulator you need to open or any other ROM download website. When the site opens, you will find various games that are available for you. Choose the game you want to download.  Click the download option. It will ask for a captcha code to download the game. Hit over”Submit Captcha” embossed in Green color.

Once the game starts downloading let it finish. After the game downloads, open the game under Delta Emulator, and you can now play the game with ease.

These interesting Tutorial for You:

Closing thoughts

So friends that are all the information required to download Emulator and games through it. In case you find any problem with Downloading Delta or Games through it, write it to me and let me solve it for you. So friends that are all the information required to download delta Emulator on iOS 10.3, iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.2, 10.2.1, iOS 10.2, 10.1.1, iOS 11, iOS 10.1/10+ iPhone/iPad and games through it. In case you find any problem during Downloading Delta or Games through it, write it to me and let me solve it for you.

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