iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator on iOS(iPhone/iPad)/iPod Touch Without Jailbreak

New iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator game emulator on iOS(iPhone/iPad):  Hey mates, TechnoSprout is here again with an article on an awesome topic related to iNDS emulator and that’s too on iOS! It’s pretty cool right? And that without jailbreak.

Are you a classic game lover and loves to play games which you had played in your [N64, PS1, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, NDS, SNES , PSP and much more], then this stuff is totally for you mates. The awesome key stuff is that new iNDS is totally free of cost.

When you guys catch up with a new iNDS, it’s a hard way to find the appropriate ROM’s of the games you love and yes today we are going to talk about New iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator on iPad/iPhone on iOS 11 or iOS 9.3/9.3.1, 9.2.1 or iOS 9.2/9.1/9 or iOS 10+ Without Jailbreak”But, in new iNDS emulator for iOS shows up a way to get the game ROMs directly which will be easy for the users. We can also use another alternative source(TuTu Helper) to install iNDS iOS Emulator for iOS.

iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS(iPhone/iPad)

So let’s get into our core topic as the New iNDS Classic game emulator on iOS 11.1, iOS 11, 10.3.3, 10.3, 10.2, iOS 10+ is much searched topic as the users gets confused over the bunch of results that are available in search results and so we decided to help you guys out.

iNDS nintendo ds emulator is now awesome free emulator in market among different tough competitors like GBA4iOS, HiPStore and vShare.


iNDS Nintendo DS Emulator for iPhone/iPad  No Jailbreak

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 Install iNDS on iOS 11.1, iOS 11 and iOS 10.3/10+ on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

In this article we will guide you on how to Install the brand new iNDS emulator on your iOS device. The procedure is little bit difficult, but we will help you guys how to get on to it with clear and precise steps. The sole thing that you should need to do this job is an iPhone. So let’s get on to the steps geeks.

  • First of all get into your default browser i.e. safari and type down and Once the page gets loaded, just tap down to get it from cydia
  • Cydia will launch and leads to a pop up to confirm that you want to add a new source. Just tap on that and refresh the page.
  • Once cydia gets refreshed, return to the search tab and search for iNDS and install the package from the search results.
  • Just press the home button and in the home screen you will be able to see the iNDS icon. It means that the application got installed without a fail.

Must Have for iOS users: ShowBox for iOS 11.1/11 and iOS 10.3/10+ iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

For Game Lovers: GBA4iOS for iOS 11/10 and iOS 11.1/10+ Without Jailbreak.

Take on note peeps that the above method won’t work sometimes and there isn’t any problem in trusting a developer that’s outside the source. New iNDS have come up with some awesome tweaks, which will make everyone to fall for it and cherish their nostalgic childhood. When you open up the game you will be able to access the ROMs directly and you have a search option down there will help you guys out to ping up with your favorite vintage games on your iOS device and that too without jail break.

So, that’s it mates and we hope that this article on New iNDS game emulator on iOS 11.1, iOS 11 and iOS 10+ on iPhone/iPad no jailbreak have helped you out. If you have any sort of queries related to the installation procedure, just follow up us through the comments.

Happy gaming!


  1. my ios is 9.3.2 and this software will not install on my device. is there a time frame when the update for my firmware will hit. thank you

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