[Fix*] MegaBox HD Cannot Play This Video/Not Working/No Connection/Cannot Download

How to Fix Common Errors of MegaBox HD: MegaBox HD is one of the best applications for watching Movies and TV Shows for free in a legal way & because of its availability on all the operating systems it is extremely popular and almost everyone is attracted to this application.

Proof of its rising popularity is that its user base is increasing day by day. But along with that after the most recent update to MegaBox HD users are facing several errors like MegaBox Cannot Play This Video, No Connection Error, Can’t Download MegaBox HD Error, MegaBox HD not working, Can’t Stream Error and many more. This post provides Solutions/Fixes to MegaBox HD Problems/Errors.


MegaBox HD Problems/Fixes

Also check: Download Emus4u for iOS 10.2/10.1 or iOS 10.1.1/10/9+(iPhone/iPad). Since a vast majority of the people are downloading MegaBox HD for watching their favorite Movies & TV Shows a single error can cause great irritation to the user as it causes interruption in the big dose of entertainment which MegaBox HD provides. Continue reading this post to get the most faced errors/problems in MegaBox HD and their Solutions:

MegaBox HD Most Faced Errors/Problems Along With Their Solutions/Fixes

Below are the Solutions/Fixes to MegaBox HD Problems/Errors. Also check out this alternative to MegaBox HD App Apk : CinemaBox Apk Download for Android/iOS(iPhone/iPad) and Windows 10, 8, 8.1, Windows 7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop.

  • MegaBox HD No Connection:

    • It is understandable that MegaBox HD requires a reliable internet connection to run. If u face this error then certainly there is an issue with your data connection whether it is cellular or Wi-Fi.
    • This connection error can be resolved through one more method and that requires uninstalling of MegaBox HD and installation of MTFInstaller from Google.
    • Once you have installed MTFInstaller search for MegaBox HD through it and then install it. This will solve this issue. This surely solve this “MegaBox HD No Connection Retry Error”.
  • MegaBox HD Cannot Play This Video or No Stream:

    • This error comes when you are using an older version of the app as MegaBox’s most recent version is only re-directed to their server for streaming. Once you update your application this error will go away.
  • MegaBox HD Cannot Download/Not Working:

    • This problem can occur if MegaBox has been updated resulting in change in its Server. Turn your data connection off & go to Settings -> General -> Application Manager -> All Applications -> MegaBox HD.
    • Now click on ‘Clear Data/Cache’ .

MegaBox HD Can’t Download/Not Working Error Fix

  • Then restart your connection and launch MegaBox HD once again. This solves MegaBox HD Cannot Download issue.

Do check: Download vShare For iOS 10.2/10.1 or iOS 10/9+ (iPhone/iPad) & Install vShare App.

MegaBox HD Most Commonly Faced Errors/Problems & Their Solutions/Fixes

So folks those were the most common problems which users of MegaBox HD are currently facing along with their solutions. Hope these helps out our readers who are users of MegaBox HD.


MegaBox HD Most Commonly Faced Errors & Their Solutions

Do go through the following posts:

In case you are facing any other error or problem do make us know by commenting below and you will get the required solution on priority basis. We hope we solved your queries about MegaBox HD App Cannot Play This Video, No Stream, Cannot Download, No Connection Retry,  MegaBox HD Not Working and few more errors.


  1. In the latest version I seem forced to download a different player and the download option is gone from the play now popup, why has this happened? Is it by design?

  2. I downloaded the app, updated the app and when I tried to play a movie for the first timemail it said that I needed to download MPlayer. So I did that then tried to play a movie and it gave a “can’t play video” error message. How do I fix this? I know this should work on my device because I had the app before and it worked but I had an issue with my tablet and had to do a factory reset. Help

  3. The app had been playing movies good yesterday morning but around 6pm it wouldn’t let me play any movie/show. The only kid movie it will play is bambi thats about it. How can I fix it or what can I do now???

  4. Danielle Chambers says

    We have 5 samsung mobiles and tablets and not one is playing any movies! Thought it might be our wifi but thats working fine, have uninstalled and reinstalled but still wont play any movies, the timer thing is just on the screen. How can we fix this please 🙁

  5. We have been using this app for several months with no problems. My sister also has been using it for the last month and it was working well. Everything was fine until Tuesday evening January 25th 2017. At that point 99% of everything we tried to play produced the message “Cannot play this video”. The only movie that I have found that actually will play is “Presumed Innocent”. What is going on and is there anything that we can do to fix the problem?

  6. Armin lineses says

    After update the videos can’t play

  7. Even i’m facing the issue as Coach, only few TV shows and selected movies are played. Can u tell us how to fix it? If its problem in app could u pls fix it.

  8. I love this app, however, it just stopped working two days ago. It starts up as normal but when I select the movie or TV it shows “can’t play this video” please help

    your solution above is crap I have tried it, it does not work!!!!!
    I have tried many solutions from the web but none have worked

  9. Perhaps the streaming link for all these movie is blocked? Can’t play movie since 20/Jan/2017

  10. Niko encinias says

    After a month of using megabox it stopped working saying I had no network stream and then all of a sudden started shutting down then I try to delete it and in my application manager none of the options are avaliable except clear cache how can I delete megabox?

  11. I am so fed up with the problems of this app all I want to do is uninstall, but it will not even let me do this
    and what ever work I’m doing on my tablet I keep getting pop ups about Megabox is not working, all I I want to do is get rid of it, and never see it again.

  12. Same here everything is cannot play video i prefer megabit over showbox but right now only showbox is working I tried everything doesn’t work

  13. Nicholas Forder says

    Further to my last post I tried Megabox today, I selected the first new movie on the menu, and the same thing can’t play this video.
    Now when clicked out back to the main menu instead of going to the beginning of the menu it returned me to an older part of the menu, I clicked on the first movie on the list which was Outlander, it played no problem.
    Now this could be a problem with Megabox server, I have tried to find their Web page to avail there might be information on it, does anyone know the link to Megabox Web page.

  14. Tina Gonzalez says

    My megabox isn’t working it keeps saying that it’s missing codec I’m trying to stream it to my chromecast but it won’t even play on my phone either everything was fine till it upgraded please help missing my shows been watching megabox for a long time

  15. Everyone is getting the same problems with no solutions. Is it a App problem? Is someone working on it? It’s very frustrating? What is the solution?

    • I don’t think it is just this app. I tried downloading MovieHD as an alternative until this is fixed and it has the exact same problem.

  16. Ted Schroeder says

    I run Megabox through Bluestacks and up until bout a week ago I could both download shows as well as watch them on my computer. Now however when trying to download, I get an error message “download unsuccessful”. If I try to stream them to my computer, I get an error message “Can’t play this video”. Nothing has changed on my computer. I did have a problem when I bought a new computer then loaded Bluestacks and Megabox with the download option not displaying but I “fixed” that problem by removing Bluestacks, leaving the data alone and then reinstalling it. The download option reappeared. This only happened with Intel processors. AMD processors never did give the download option.

  17. It’s the App, they screwed it up, I’m uninstalling and looking for something else. In the meantime I will be going to the Yes movies website and I’ll stream from there until I can find a decent replacement apk.

  18. Hi love this app for TV shows and movies but just recently it’s stopped playing them can this be fixed and when

  19. faced same megabox hd can’t play this video error but its fixed by few tweaks and latest version. Thanks admin.

  20. It’s up and running fine now must have been a fault at source, but could not find any info on the web that they were trying to fix it???

  21. 2 words SHOW BOX your welcome

  22. Hi. I downloaded and installed megabox in my mi box. I can select and watch a movie on my TV just fine. But the genre filter, search icon and movie/TV options on the top are not being displayed. Help please on how this can be fixed.

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