[*Fix] PlayBox HD Error While Loading Movie – Can’t Play this Link/Not Working

[*Solved] “sorry there was an error encountered while loading this movie on PlayBox HD App Apk”. Being i am an hard core online movie lover  i always update with latest movies through playbox hd apk but recently when i was playing a movie i suddenly faced few error’s in both android and iOS platform devices. And those are there was an error while loading movies, crashing, can’t play this link and logo problems.

These errors are handled with ease by applying below simple steps on your PlayBox HD Apk. If you are upgraded user iOS 9.3/9.3.1 or iOS 9.2.1 or iOS 9.0.1/9.0.2/9.1 or iOS 9.2 user then these error’s are occurring more frequently on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Crashing/not opening issues are can be solved easily than loading issue. Because play with store settings that’s it you will get your playbox hd back.


PlayBox HD not working on Kodi/iOS or Kindle Fire/Windows/Mac

But if you face “Error while loading movie in playbox hd”  then you must read beneath the article. Thousands of playbox hd users are searching the whole internet to find the best solution for this “Sorry there was an error encountered while loading this movie issue in PlayBox HD”. Anyhow, I provided very few steps for you to fix these issues.

Update: Hey TechnoSprout Buddies, Sad News for all that PlayBox HD App has officiall got shut down. The same developers dig into deeper and fixed many problems with the app, Now, They come up with new name called “MediaBox HD App”. So, I suggest you all to get this application if you are still using PlayBox HD App. Here is ther official to get MediaBox HD APK: https://mediaboxhdapp.net/. Thank You 🙂

“{Fix**} PlayBox HD Sorry There was An Error Encountered While Loading this Movie”

These are the working steps of my android and iOS mobile. These may work for you too. While preparing this article i also tried these steps of playbox hd apk on my windows 10 and windows 8 and i found awesome results. It’s working.  Below steps are working on iPhone, iPad, Android and iPod Touch devices. So, You too can give a trail for your playbox hd app apk to fix not working problem.

Step 1 : First find your Mobile settings and then move to General settings then Tap on Time and Date .

Step 2 : Next you can see Set Automatically choice just “Smash on Turn Off Set Automatically”.

Step 3 : Now set the mobile Date to 01-01-2015 or set previous dates as present date.

Step 4 : Now, It’s moment to open PlayBox HD App after that “Turn on Set automatically time and date”.

Above simple 4 steps are surely working to fix PlayBox HD Apk movies not loading/not working/playing issues on android devices like Samsung Galaxy ( S6 edge, S 7 edge,  S4, s5, note 8, tab 4/tab 2, ), Sony Xperia Z3,  HTC, Nexus 6/7 those may be versions of android lollipop or android kitkat versions of 4.4.4/5.0/6.0/4.2 etc and lot more android devices.  These steps also perfectly working for iOS(9.3/9.3.1 or iOS 9.2.1/9/8.4/8.3/8.2/9.0.2,  or iOS 10/9.2) devices too.


PlayBox HD Apk not loading problem/error- solved

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{Fix**} PlayBox HD Crashing/Not Opening/Can’t Play this Link- Not Working on iOS/Android/PC/Laptop

This is also one of the nark problems in PlayBox hd free movies apk. If you installed PlayBox hd through vShare then you might see a error like vShare crashing or playbox hd crashing or cannot connect to this link error. To solve this playbox hd not working issue you must play with your mobile/phone or tablet/PC/Laptop settings. So, follow these best elementary steps to fix this ” Crashing or Sorry there was an error loading issue in PlayBox HD App.

Step 1 :  First and foremost step is Close your PlayBox HD App .

Step 2 : Next Move to General settings and Strike on 3G Services and Turn of Wi-Fi. After that move your phone or tablet to “Airplane Mode”.

Step 3 : Ok, Now Open your PlayBox HD App. Next you should do the exact reverse process of step 1 & step 2.

Step 4 : i.e Turn on 3G Services & Turn off Airplane Mode and finally Turn on Wi-Fi.

iOS devices especially which are upgraded to iOS 9 or iOS 9.1/9.2 are surely getting benefited by this trick. iPhone’s like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5c/5S, and iPad mini 2/3/4 or iPod touch devices also can try this few awesome and user-friendly tricks.

Ok Buddies, this is what i planned to deliver to you. If you still have any doubt’s on this ” PlayBox HD not working on iOS/Android/iPhone or error like Sorry there was an error while loading a movies” Article. You can feel free to comment or contact us. Thank you.


  1. Am received a message that says sorry there was an error encountered while loading this movie….. Am using playbox hd 2.0.2 on my Android tablet???

    • Am also use android 4.4.2 version on my tablet… I tried the 4 basic steps…..nothing happen…still am getting the error messages… Please help

      • Try with PlayBox HD Apk Latest version..Latest version fixed some errors.

        • I just downloaded this onto my android phone and my android box m8s and I am getting the same problem on both I follow the 4 steps on my android box but I am.getting thw same error while loading this movie message. Is there something else I can do?

        • 2.0.2 is the latest I can find. Same issue. No fix works. Even changed dns to

      • Richard, did you ever get an answer that worked and if so, mind sharing? Thanks

    • DieselEstate says

      Thanks very much for publishing these “tips and tricks”. Sadly, none of them worked for me. I’ve used PlayBox for years; so frustrating not having it working. I think I’ve got to de-install the app, before downloading it anew.

      Yours Sincerely,


  2. Sorry there was an error encountered while loading this movie…on a PLC through Bluestacks. It will not give me different streamers to choose from. You see them listed for a few seconds after selecting movie and than they are gone.

  3. Can I use android tablet 4.1.1?

  4. i tried 4 steps but still not working

  5. Same issue samsung s5 and app does not load any tv episode or movie.

  6. same crash on my iphone 6s plus ( iOS 9.2). it popped up the screen for a split of a second and went back to the home screen. when i switch the app tab playbox is running in the background. =(

  7. What do you mean “play with store settings” ? Some movies I download will play but most encounter an error ” 12894

  8. Lynn Barr says

    Am having trouble watching TV programmes. Have tried both of the suggested fixes above but they have not worked. Please help!

  9. Having an issue with play box HD I downloaded it via vShare helper into my iPad

    However I am getting the error

    We are no more support for this app
    Please install the new app launched 15 hours later

    Has anyone come across this message and know how to fix it please ?

  10. I am using an android box Minixand ggetting the same error message what can i do?

  11. i tried 4 steps but still not working

  12. I also tried the steps 100 times on my note 5 and my Samsung tablet! They won’t play! It’s so frustrating!! Please help!!

  13. Why do they issue these apps and then they dont work?. The same is the case with Showbox…
    Why bother? I am now too scared to update the app because after the update the apps dont work at all! It is best to leave things as they are or withdraw the apps from existence until they are all fully functional.

  14. Loaded new update last night everything work but this morning everything went back to same error wile loading movie very disappointing nothing seems to work do you think this is a virus.

  15. Works fine if I use 4g but I still get the error message if I’m connected to Wi-Fi

  16. Playboy is not working since I updated iPhone

  17. Terry Lovelock says

    Can’t get playbox or cinema box to work on my lenovo iPad or my galaxy s4, used to work perfect on both,both wi fi, why don’t they work anymore will they ever work again? Tried all the tricks no go on any of them??

  18. Found a cure….went back to showbox,have to download everything and it’s sometimes a bit slow but at least I’m getting all i wante

  19. Absolutely rubbish! Showbox used to be the best movie app until someone decided to “fix” something that wasn’ t broke! Now it’s really dreadful! Now it’s the same with cinemabox!

  20. Samuel Venuto says

    I am having the same problem with playbox, cinema box, but there are other options. Try and google this, ( mft installer 4.2 download ),Download & install it. When you open it you’ll see MFTFREETV, There you can download Megabox hd, Terrarium Tv, Bobby Movie box, Mobdro, Popcorn Time 2.7, Video Mix 2.6.9. DOWNLOAD ALL OF THEM! !! If you can’t get a movie or TV show to play on one , Try Another. If you need help text me 302-507-5835,

  21. Gloria Salinas says

    Hi my Movie starts downloading fine but then it reaches 100% then file doesn’t save. It’s nowhere to be found as if I didn’t even download it.

  22. Still getting error. “Tricks” for solve the issue. Can’t watch any movies or shows. Deleting app for good.

  23. Not working for me also. Is there any alternative?

  24. Graeme Duncan says

    Problem: ‘There was an error encountered while loading this movie’
    Have tried changing time and date but it is still not working. Using Android Note5. Have also downloaded latest amp version.

  25. This app is frustrating, tried all the tricks posted, uninstalled app and reinstalled a few times, and guess what still not working. Remove app and come up with a new one that works. Deleting app for good and will not recommend to anyone. Waist of time.

  26. Worst app ever i tried your tricks and tips but nothing . I uninstalled anw re downloaded but still nothing. Its nothing short of a crap app these days. It use to load movies or tv shows but would crash every few mins. Anoying. Shit and a waste of time, dont bother wit it !

  27. All the given solutions does’nt work!! Can’t watch my old time favorite tv series and some newly released movies due to error encountered during loading. And why is it that every time aa in EVERY moment i open the app it keeps on updating? Can’t it be done once in a day only or week? It’s quite ANNOYiNG! Always updating but the problems/issues are still not addressed! C’mon tech people of playbox, give us a WORKING solutions to these issues PLEASE! Work on it guys!

  28. Crankypants mcduff says

    Think the app is just shit. Used showbox and playbox for four yrs and playbox won’t work,i only keep playbic now cos they have more choice but now thats not up, FIX YOUR APP OR CLOSE IT DOWN.

  29. I too have the problem “sorry, an error occured while loading this movie”. I’m using Cinemabox HD. I’ve tried changing the date. That didn’t work. I tried uninstalling, and reinstalling, but that didn’t work either. This doesn’t happen on all movies. Some work, and some don’t. While I’m communicating, “Wonder Woman” is just the trailer, not the movie.

  30. matthew davies says

    hi i have tryed all the fixs you have said not work i am useing blue stacks on my pc i do not whot to do can anyone help

  31. Hi,
    When I open Playbox, I select the movie, I get the message “Can’t get Stream Please try again later” I then went o box that laber “auto” and try to change, but nothing happens. I went back to movie to download and select any of the ggvideo streams and get “Request failed: forbidden (403) Please change other steam, quality” two weeks ago everything was working perfectly, any help is appreciated.

  32. Performed the procedure shutting down WIFI and turning airplane mode and then reversing. Now I get
    ” Request Failed: not found (404) Please try again later”.


  33. I just got Playbox from vshare. It has so many great tv shows, but a lot of them do not play. An error box pops up, and says try again later. I tried fixing it, but it did not work. I also downloaded one online that was suppose to be new, and work, but its just as bad as the other one.

  34. Hi …Please help ..I can’t stream movies for the last 2-3 weeks …Only some TV shows will load and stream ..However ALL movies WILL NOT STREAM with various messages coming up …Is your server down what happened????…I have Pb Online and Cinema box apps

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