Play Pokemon Go For PC (Windows 10/7 or Windows 8.1/8/XP)/MAC Laptop

Play Pokemon Go On Nox App Player on Windows 10/7/8 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac PC/Laptop: Developed by Niantic and Nintendo Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality Game which has become an instant hit among the youth post few days of its official release.

Augmented Reality means that it actually creates the environment around you into a Pokemon world and you’ve to move around for catching Pokemon, Poke Stops, Battle Gyms and all. What if I say that now you can play Pokemon Go on your PC? Unbelievable? But its true. Nox App Player is the app which has made this possible.


Play Pokemon Go on PC/MAC Computer | Nox App Player

Read more to know how to Play Pokemon Go on PC/Laptop (Windows/MAC) on Nox App Player. Also check out this alternative for nox app player. Leapdroid for PC on Windows 10/7/8 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac Laptop. Now talking about the Nox App Player.

Nox App Player | Play Pokemon Go on PC Windows 10/7/8 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac Laptop

It is one of the finest emulators in market with highly friendly user interface. It is rated higher than the traditional BlueStacks due to some of its exclusive features.

Before downloading Pokemon Go for PC/MAC readers have to download Nox App Player. Regarding that you can easily download and install it by our previous post: Nox App Player Download and Install. Download latest Nox App Player 3.7.1 version to play Pokemon Go 0.33.0, 0.29.0, 0.3.1 Apk version without much errors.

  • At least 2GB of RAM and  Windows 7/8 or Windows 10/8.1.
  • 2.2 GHz processors or versions above are best to install the game correctly and to play it to its full level of enjoyment and experience.
  • At least 2 GB free space on local hard disk.
  • A Graphic card of at least 1 GB or a 2 GB memory is recommended.

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Nox App Player: Play Pokemon Go[0.33 Apk] on PC Windows 7/10 & Windows 8/8.1 or  MAC Computer | Nox Android Emulator

Not delaying further following are the steps to Play Pokemon Go on Nox App Player on Windows 10/8 or Windows 8.1/7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop.

  • First and foremost step is to download and install the latest version of Nox App Player which you can get from the link of Nox App Player provided above in this post.
  • After you’ve successfully installed Nox  App Player in your system; get the Pokemon Go Apk file from the internet and drag and drop over the Nox App Player window for the installation to begin.
  • However you can also login into the Google Play Store and download Pokemon Go directly from there using your Google Play Store ID.

Play Pokemon Go Nox App Player on Windows 10/7 or Windows 8/8.1 PC or MAC Computer

  • Once Pokemon Go has been successfully installed launch the game and make sure that you change the geo-location to  USA, Australia or New Zealand because for other countries the game hasn’t been launched yet.
  • After successfully changing the geo-location you’re done boss. Enjoy the game.  Catch Pokemon and feel the virtual experience.

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Pokemon Go on PC/Laptop for Windows 10/7/8 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac[Nox App Player]|Things to Be Kept in Mind

  • This game is just a trial version of original Pokemon Go so Nox App Player doesn’t guarantee till when the game will run.
  • It is not advisable to go too far in the game as you might get banned.
  • Though the ban will remove after half an hour or so but continuous abnormal actions may result in a permanent ban.

It is highly recommended to wait for the original version of Pokemon Go to launch in your country as that will give you a much better experience than all these hacks and tweaks.

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So that’s it guys and gals. Now Play Pokemon Go on Windows 10/8/7 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac PC/Laptop Nox App Player. Any issues you face feel free to comment. Your issues and concerns will be addressed on priority basis.


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