Remix OS on Hard Drive

Install Remix OS on Hard Drive: In this tutorial we will explain about hot install Remix OS on hard drive partition. As of now we know remix OS can be installed on pen drives only. But being techie i found one unofficial way is there to get installed this Remix or Remix 2.0 OS on Hard Drive and for dual boot.

This remix os really quite awesome creation. We always wanted to dual boot our system. Now, it’s easy way to use dual boot systems with this remix OS. Choose your preferred OS between Remix OS & Windows OS and enjoy these awesome creation.

While  installing Remix OS on Hard drive if you face EFi problem or EasyBCD software install problem ping us through comments. I hope if you follow carefully this working tutorial hopefully you will not get any not working problems of Remix OS on Hard drive to dual boot.

How to Install Remix OS on Hard Drive { Dual Boot Windows OS & Remix OS}

Before heading further we must know few pre defined requirements to  install this Remix OS package in hard disk. Those are also listed below have a look requirements to Install Remix OS on Hard Drive.

Before heading further more into our working tutorial first you should know your system information. Confused 🙁 ! ? Ok, let me give a clarity. Go for System Memory and find BIOS mode(UEFI/LEGACY). If your system BIOS is UEFI then get Remix UEFI OS or else get and Legacy Remix package and proceed with below steps.

Steps to Install Remix OS on Hard Drive { Dual Boot Remix OS & Windows 10/7/8.1/8/XP OS}

These few steps are very handy. And of course ill explain each and every step. Don’t worry about that 🙂 .

  1. First of all go to your Windows 10 or Windows 8/7 or Windows 8.1/XP Start Menu and tap on search button and type “Partition” then you will see a ” Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions” Just click on that.
  2. Now, Right Click on your D drive or E drive and click on Shrink Volume. Now, Enter 16384 in place of “Enter the the amount of space to shrink in MB” and click on Shrink.
  3. Wait for 2-3 minutes to complete this shrinking process. After that Right Click on 16 GB Unallocated space and click on new simple volume and click on next and next up to where you get a option of File System. There select option of FAT32 and name the label with Remix OS. Click and finish it.
  1. Once you done with that. Save files of above provided links of Remix OS Package and EasyBCD software
  2. After those two Remix related working files just extract them. Under extracted files you will see a one more ZIP file just extract that too see picture below.
  3. Now, Copy above extracted files into Remix OS partition that we created. Now install the EasyBCD file now just double click on that saved software. Click on Next Next and finish it. It will run automatically.
  4. Now, in EasyBCD program click on Add New and and Tap on ISO and name it as Remix OS and and select Path of extracted file in System and a command window open and it run some commands. It complete’s it process within few minutes.
  5. Now just reboot your system and see the magic in your system. Now, you will see Dual Boot system one is Windows OS and Other one is Remix OS.

Note : While opening choose Resident mode rather than Guest mode. Because Guest Mode won’t save your app or any past data.

Advantages of Installing Remix OS on Hard Drive Instead of Pen Drive

Yes ! you  hear right 🙂 . There few interesting advantages are there by remix OS 2.0 installing on hard disk instead of going with pen drive. Those are listed below.

  • It improves performance of system.
  • Yeah! Residence mode is working by this installation of remix OS on Hard Drive.
  • If you use pen drive we have to insert it again again to complete the process but going with this hard drive we can save lot of time.


Finally thanks for reading our peculiar guide on How to Install Remix OS on Hard Drive. If you have any queries consult us through comments.

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