(Working*) How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

(Perfectly Working)How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card : Hey there, we are here again with another awesome article again. Hope every one of them are doing great by implementing the tips, tricks and tutorials. So today we are going to guide you on “How to remove the Write protection of SD card”.

It means that, when you are trying use an SD card, you may receive a pop error showing that the SD card is ‘Write-Protected’. If you get that pop up error, it means that you won’t be able to copy, delete or write anything from or in that disk. So we will guide you on “How to remove Write protection on SD card”.

There are three ways in order to remove the write protection of your SD card, but all the three ways are on formatting your disk. But what will you do if a pop up comes up like it can’t be formatted. Just don’t worry you have landed on the best page where you will get the perfect solution to fix this write protection error. We will mention and explain you out the steps in the most convenient way you feel.


Error Pop up Window Write Protection Error

So for doing this, you should need a Windows or Mac enabled Laptop/PC. So scroll down to explore the working steps to remove the Write protection of  SD card/Micro SD Card.

Methods to remove write protection from SD card

  • First of all you should check that whether your SD card/Micro SD Card/USB have any type of security locks or any passwords. If yes, then give a hard push on the opposite direction to unlock it. There will be certain markings which show of lock and unlock.
  • So on to next step is that scan the disk with the help of antivirus, in most of the cases viruses are the problem. If there is any kind of Trojans or malware then the SD card will block you from writing. So do a proper scanning and resolve the problems. Once the SD card is performing well, copy the folders to your PC/Laptop and Format it. If not, scroll down the article to remove write protection from SD card with another working method.

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Dig up your System Registry to Remove Write Protection of SD Card/USB

  • Click on the start and type “regedit” and open up the “Registry Editor” from the list.
  • Now follow up the below path file after opening up the registry editor:HIKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/StorageDevicePolicies
  • Once you done the above step, you will be able to see the “Write Protection” option. Just give a double tap on that and set down the value to ‘0’. After doing this try to copy and transfer the files. If it’s not possible yet, continue to the next.

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Open up Diskpart Utility for removing the write protection in SD Card/Memory Card

  • Open up the comment prompt and enter down ‘Diskpart’ and click Enter Key.
  • Once you open that type “list disk” and again click Enter key.
  • Now type “Select Disk 1” to select up your SD card and again click Enter key.
  • To remove down the write protection from SD card, just type “attributes disk clear read only” and tap Enter key.


    Steps to remove write protection from SD Card-Working

  • You are near end to the process, just hit down “exit” and press enter key to exit the menu.
  • Right click on your SD card and tap on format option, that’s it. Your Micro SD card will be formatted.

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That’s it peeps, hope this article on “How to remove the Write protection from SD card” helped you out to clear your doubts. If you have any queries to fix this write protection error in SD card, just follow us through the comment option.

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