Install Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Android/iPhone/iPad Mobile Phones

Yes the title of this article(Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Android/iPhone/iPad Mobile Phone(i.e Dual WhatsApp Accounts)) fulfills the desire that exists in every person’s mind that is using dual SIM android phone which is that if we are using two SIMs in one phone then why we can’t run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone.

Well now the unthinkable is thinkable and proceeding parts of the article will show the readers of the article that how to make the impossible possible.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app all over the world and almost every person who is using a smartphone uses WhatsApp. It is fast, free, convenient and comfortable to use. Though several methods are available in a rooted android phone for running multiple WhatsApp accounts but they suffer from many disadvantages like we won’t get real time notifications of WhatsApp messages.

How to Use Two(2) WhatsApp Accounts in One(1) Android Mobile Phone & Multiple/Dual WhatsApp Accounts Android

But now no need to get our android device rooted for running dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device and this has been made possible through Whatsmapp, OGWhatsApp, and GBWhatsapp.

However Whatsmapp method no longer works and OGWhatsapp suffers from ‘obsolute error’ so GBWhatsapp is the best method which is working with no complaints yet from users.

This article will deal with the method of running two WhatsApp accounts using GBWhatsapp and we will like to remind the readers again that no rooting is required for this method.

Steps to Install 2 WhatsApp Accounts on 1 Android Phone/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Android 2016 Trick

GBWhatsapp can be said as another WhatsApp client for dual SIM Android phones.

So finally readers there is a best working method for running dual WhatsApp accounts on one dual SIM Android phone and the best part of it is that it requires no rooting.

GBWhatsapp is fully compatible with almost all versions of Android like Lollipop, Kitkat and the versions which are below these mentioned versions. So now not making the readers wait more following is the procedure for installing Dual WhatsApp accounts in a single dual SIM single Android Phone using GBWhatsapp.

  1. First step will be downloading the setup file of GBWhatsapp for which we are providing a link here .
  2. The setup file will be downloaded from this link to the Android phone. Now no need to say further what we need to do next as it is self-understood that now we need to tap on the GBWhatsapp set up icon and let the app install itself in the Android Phone.
  3. We will see the icon of GBWhatsapp now on the home screen now and upon tapping it the similar WhatsApp procedure needs to be followed which is followed in normal WhatsApp of entering number and after that verification of the same.
  4. As said in 3rd step now we need to enter the second number which we are using in our dual SIM android phone and which we want to use for dual WhatsApp accounts.
  5. After this the entered number needs to be verified and after verification use dual WhatsApp account in the dual SIM Android phone now.


    Working Method(Install Two WhatsApp in One Android Phone)

So guys and girls this is what all is required to enjoy the facility of Multiple/Two WhatsApp accounts in One Android phone.

From Experts reviews we collected the information that above procedure is perfectly working on different android mobile phones like HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and lot more phones. And other users please download GBWhatsApp. Apk file to your respective devices like Blackberry, Nokia, Asha, Bada, Micromax, Windows Phones( Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 10, Lumia 650, 950, 535, 540 etc etc) and install as it is above procedure to get two whatsapp accounts in one mobile phone without much hassle. Also Check  out this Best WhatsApp Status tutorial. This gives you more ideas about whatsapp statuses.

How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in One iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak, Multiple/Dual WhatsApp Accounts iOS 2016 Trick

2 whatsapp accounts on iPhone/iPad is very simple procedure just be with me for the next 5 minutes then you will realize how easy it is to install dual whatsapp accounts in one iPad/iPhone without jailbreak. This trick is working trick of 2016 and i am sure it will be works for next 2017 year. Later if any changes has come up then ill intimate you to install multiple whatsapp accounts on single iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Here go with working procedure 🙂

This trick is perfectly on different versions of iPhone versions which are running on iOS 9.4, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.3.2/9.3.1, iOS 9.2.1/9.2 or iOS 9.1/9 and earlier versions(iOS 8.4, 8.4.1, 8.3) and i am sure it will also works on upcoming iOS 10 version of iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 4, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPad 2, 3, iPad 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Mini and other iPod Touch versions too.

Steps to Install 2 WhatsApp Accounts on 1 iPhone/iPad/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts iPad/iPhone 2016 Trick

  1. First download official whatsapp app apk from iStore. This simple procedure is very handy procedure so everyone can download and install official whatsapp application form iStore. This is your primary whatsapp application. So why you are waiting read second point to get second whatsapp account in the same iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  2. Next launch safari browser of your iPhone/iPad and go to this URL :
  3. Once you visited above URL you will see list of application like below picture. Among list of apps select “WhatsApp 2” .


    How to Run Two WhatsApp on One Mobile Phone Working

  4. After selecting WhatsApp 2 you will redirected to some unknown language with “Install” Button. Just blindly tap on “Install” 😀 no problem we are there to direct you further steps.


    Install 2 WhatsApp in 1 iPad/iPhone Without Jailbreak

  5. After tapping on above option just be patient it will complete the installation in next few minutes.
  6. Now, It’s not completed you have one more step left to use Dual/Two whatsapp accounts on Single iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. That is move to Settings>>General Settings>>Select Profile Section and now Tap on “Trust VNE Software” and confirm the same software.

Now we have successfully installed second whatsapp account in the same iPhone/iPad. Still have any queries ? Just feel free to ask us in comments. That’s it all about installing two/dual/multiple whatsapp accounts in one android/iOS(iPhone/iPad) if you have any not working or problems/doubts feel free to shoot us via comments.


  1. Hey! I downloaded and installed whatsapp 2, but when i open it shows an upgrade screen and i can’t skip it and register my other number.
    Is there any fix to this?
    I tried changing the date and time and it shows another message “your date seems innacurate”
    Please help me!!

  2. Hello
    I’m in qatar , I tried to install Whatsapp but Here can’t find the app in store

  3. Download just started. It was in waiting before start and the icon just disappeared. I have tried it many times install it. What should i do?

  4. Thank you admin. its amazing

  5. I had an error when downloading, did everyone get the app with successful??

  6. Assalam Alaykum. I have tried to follow the steps for WhatsApp 2 in safari . It can’t download as after tapping install later it says sorry safari can’t download WhatsApp 2 at this time try again later. No matter how much I try to install it fails. Any help?

  7. The link cannot be opened what do I do

  8. Hi my divide not sport what’s app two what can I do

    • Parveen, Your device not supports means what does it mean ? Drop your query and your device specification here our readers or myself can help you. Thank you.

  9. Its not working for iphone . The site does not give options. Pls helppppp!! Cant ustand what to do next.

  10. Hi,
    Ios.othman is not working. It redirects to vip.othman. I really need whatsapp 2 . Donno wat to do. Can u help??

  11. The site does not work…what else can be done to find whatsapp 2?

  12. Praveen Ananthula says

    I can’t able to download pls help me in downloading

  13. Hi
    This is prudhvi… “I’m using iPhone 7”. I tried to install Whatsapp 2 but Here can’t find that…,, I’m kindly requesting guys plz send me the gud link

  14. Hi im lee from singapore. When i try to go to url its change to and no link for the download 🙁 what should i do?

  15. Great post, thanks for sharing,

  16. Mohammad Tasin says

    cant download whatsapp2 plz help

  17. Rishikesh Chandravanshi says

    Hey guys..! This trick has been expired I suggest to the people try to find another trick to using 2 whatsapp account in an iPhone/ iPad etc. If you really wanna using 2 whatsapp account you guys can Send me mail on [email protected] com I will tell you how to use 2 whatsapp account or even using 3 whatsapp account in same iPhone/ iPad.

  18. Dual whazaap says

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  19. I cant find the whatsapp2 . when i follow you step im stuck on step 2 only . no Whatsapp 2 link come out . can you suggest any apps?

  20. Jigarkumar Rajpara says

    I visit the website from my iphone but when i try to select whatsapp++ or whatsapp, I cannot select that.
    So how can i install that?
    My ios version is 9.3.3 on iphone 6.

  21. WhatsApp 2

  22. Hi Admin,
    the page is in Arabic and i can only read English. Have not seen any translator too on the page. Any help please

  23. Mohamed rafi says

    It’s not working also the changes to as well it’s not giving any option to download whatsapp2 or anything.. total time waste.. any clear way is there to download the whatsapp two.. I have tried a lot so please help me guys.. thanks

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