UKMovNow Apk | Download UKMovNow App on Android for Unlimited Movies

Downloading Movies or TV serials from torrents or other similar sources is a big hassle, sometimes its not the movie you wanted or sometimes it is a virus instead of the movie. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!. UKMovNow App Review and APK Download Links are provided below keep reading.


UKMovNow App Download for Android

UKMovNow is an android app that allows you to watch movies and Television series from its large collection and do you know the best part? It is FREE to download and use!. Alternative App: OneBox HD Apk App Download for Android/iOS(iPhone/iPad). Now, be relaxed and with us for next couple of minutes to get this fantastic movies application on to your device.

If you went on to buy and watch every single movie their collection has got, it will surely burn a hole in your pocket, so why not free!.

UKMovNow Apk | Features of UKMovNow App Android

The app has all the movies well classified, it also shows you the list of upcoming movies and also lets you request for one if you couldn’t find it in the app. It also lets you check out the movies that were added recently along with giving you the ability to bookmark shows and movies so you won’t lose them.

UKMovNow app got released long days back and i have been using it. I would like to suggest you this “UKMovNow” app over lot of it’s competitors like ShowBox, MegaBox HD, Terrarium TV and OneBox HD App. User navigation is simple and awesome design even non techies can handle it with east.

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How to Install  UKMovNow Apk App on Android Mobiles/Tablets

This app, unfortunately, is not available in the Google Play Store, so you will have to download its APK file which will install the app on your device. All you need to do is –

  1. Download UKMovNow’s APK from here: UKMovNow.
  2. Install the APK file by opening it, if it shows an error saying that this app is from an unknown source, click on the settings button and it will take you to the security section of your phone’s settings.
  3. Once in the security section, scroll down a bit and turn on the option ‘ Unknown Sources ‘, now go back to the APK file and open it. The app will be installed.

UKMovNow App Installation on Android

PlayBox HD Error Fix*: PlayBox HD Error While Loading a Movie and updating Issues{*Working}.

UKMovNow App Features and Guide  | UKMovNow Apk

UKMovNow is a very useful app as it lets you watch movies and TV shows for free, which almost no other app does. Besides this, the app provides you a handful of nice features which are quite useful, let’s take a look at them.


UKMovNow App Features on Android

Categorisation :

The app has its Movies and TV Shows well sorted, it at the basic level, sorts the movies into Bollywood ( Hindi Movies ), Hollywood ( English Movies ) and Hollywood Dubbed ( English Movies Dubbed to Hindi ) from their you can further categorize the movies into different genres like horror, action, comedy, and romantic. You can also categorize the movies on the basis of their launch year and quality.

Quality of Movies & TV Shows –

As of now, UKMovNow provides us with only two quality options, 720p and 360p. Another point is that not all movies have the 720p option, so most of the times you end up being stuck with 360p. Well though that is quite disappointing, it’s not too bad. As most of us have can’t consume a lot of internet and even if we can, the speed isn’t enough to buffer HD videos.

Updation : UKMovNow Apk

The app has a good range of popular TV shows like Game of Thornes and Stranger Things and also a good variety of movies such as Justice League and Daddy’s Home 2 which are the latest releases as of now ( December 2017 ), the app does seem to catch up with torrents as its able to launch movies and TV shows anywhere from 10 days to a month after their release. Another interesting feature the app has is the option to request for movies or TV shows to be uploaded, this makes it easier for us to get to watch our favorite movies easily.

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Number of Advertisements –

This app is providing great and expensive resources for free which is very rare and hard to do as the developer can easily get into legal trouble. The app thus deserves to earn a lot of money and so it does. You see a full-screen advertisement every time you go press the back button to go to another page and a footer ad whenever watching a movie or show. I won’t say that this app is spammed with apps but it does have a fairly good number of adverts.

Verdict : UKMovNow App Download for Android

UKMovNow is an amazing app and serves an unethical but great purpose by providing movies and TV shows for Free. The thing I liked the most about the app is that it updates the movies and TV shows on a regular interval, has a very low number of advertisements as compared to similar apps and is 100% safe and free to use.

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